Thursday, November 26, 2015

rensselaer e.g massage

Cute little squirrel fanny, eh?

Stull racing around to get ready for kids today, so I needed a few things still back at old house and thought I'd race over to grab them at dawn so I could still get work done here before driving to the airport.  The sun was just coming up, no one on the road, but I was blinded for  split second and reached for the visor.  The ceiling caved in, glass shattered everywhere, and the roof was sheared off of my car on the passenger side.  (The air bag isn't usually turned on on that side because the dogs ride there.)  I had run full tilt into the back of a giant landscape truck whose back corner hit my windshield on the passenger side and ripped on through the car.  Air bags poured out, I hit my head on the steering wheel, and I saw the whole thing just like in the movies where things slow into half time motion and sounds are amplified into that deep roar.  We were the only cars on the road and I absolutely didn't see that black truck against the black background trees with the sun hitting me in the face.  Totaled.  Gone. My beloved Mini.  Of course I am fine-  just shaken up and beginning to ache in several places but nothing serious.  No landscapers were hurt either, and the truck has minimal damage, a bent fuel line they said. 

I could blame it on the stress of the past weeks, I could blame it on being overtired, I could blame it on too many things on the list in my head, but there isn't any blame-  it was nature's way of telling me to back off.

Because you asked for the silver sprayed dinos, here is the picture-
I don't usually spray inside, but I had a box all ready, the silver paint was right there so I took a deep breath and spritzed 3 times, and let out my air as I exited the building.   I wanted a couple of dinos for the kiddos this weekend, but Mister found Squirrel McNuttkin and has been playing house with him since he arrived.  The dins live in my kitchen for now, and I may need more next time I it the dollar store.  Oh.  I need a car for that!

I'm scared he will get pinched by the little snapper but his dad says it's fine.  Best $3 I ever spent-  he races to the pantry to see it first thing, puts it to bed and carries it around.  Very cute...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.  I'm so happy you're here!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

cryptology jeannie connubial

“You are a cosmic happening rooted in a local event, not the other way around,”  Michael Beckwith

Got major things done yesterday and then at the end our gallery guy came bearing our two paintings for the living room.  Yeah, I got them to match the sofas...
It just so happens I am very attracted to simple neutral pallets and that is the living room AND the paintings.  And in reality the sofas are only there until the new one comes and that will throw off the whole match match thing.
We ordered Chinese last night, ate so much and so fast standing at the counter until we realized what we were doing and sat down for the seconds.  We are completely discombobulated in our routines.

Later today we have the first of our Symphony series (could it be WORSE timing???) and that always puts me right to sleep so I will catch up this afternoon on my sleep.  But how I hate that elbow to my ribs when my head falls over...

Up at 2 AM today, doggies all disoriented, well, OK, I am too, first night in the new place.  We have a nice big door that opens to the yard so when the midnight urge to pee hits one of the canine companions, we just have to open the door now-  no more wandering down the street in my nightgown!  So last night at 2 that's what I did-  opened the door.  I forgot we have a child alarm on all the doors that lead to the pool and I practically put a head print on the ceiling when that thing went off!  Got it stopped in just a second by simply pressing the button I should have pressed BEFORE opening the door.  But the night was over and we (me and the dogs) got upland made a bed upstairs, put things away in the kitchen, started some pie crust and got to the point where it was time to add the 1/4 tsp baking powder.
DRAT, that was still at the old house. So I got dressed, brushed my teeth, grabbed a bunch more empty boxes, and was out the door before light.
Decided to get the lampshades I forgot at the studio so I went there first, grabbed the lampshades and the two lamps I forgot I also needed and decided since I was leaving quickly to give the plastic dinos I got for the kids a coat of silver-  just held my breath and sprayed away, then ran for the door.  Not the brightest thing I've ever done but I do love my silver spray paint.  I guess I should grab a few more dinosaurs from the dollar store and do a herd.
Back at the Old House, I am taking advantage of the internet but really must get going on that piecrust so this will be short today-  just trying to stay in the loop-de-loop.

Now, to grab that baking powder and race through the first rain in weeks to get back home to the pastry-making.  Thanks for hanging in there with me-  'normal' is just around the corner...

Here's the answer to that burning question of what on earth Darth Vader does all day:

D. Vader is a photo series by photographer Pawel Kadysz that depicts Darth Vader living an ordinary life and doing things like drinking coffee, doing chores, and listening to music.

And to 'Unknown', the commenter who doesn't know if we get her messages-  YES, thanks so much! I so love hearing from everybody out there!  

Friday, November 20, 2015

cedric convocation reilly

“Everything you can imagine is real.” 

Finally I have some good news-  we got our CO and I spent the day making beds and buying food for Thanksgiving, and sitting on the lanai together drinking RED wine on our new white chairs.  The dogs ran rampant peeing at every blade of grass making the place their own.  My wallpaper guy showed up and finished all three rooms waiting to be done.  The landscape guys were there in finish putting down the last grass, fluffing up the bushes and taking the training wheels off the palm trees. The garage floor have been painted with chunks of mica glittering through and the doors got sprayed a new gray to the scheme, and we have 4 new turquoise  Adirondack chairs for the fire pit.  We're saving the lava rocks for the top of it for the grandkids to add for the marshmallow roast.  (If I don't eat all the marshmallows before they get here.)

All's right with the world.

And I am officially off the whining list.  I texted the kids that Thanksgiving dinner is a 'go', officially.  The pool isn't done but that is scheduled, and of course there are a few extra things that need attention.  Today I discovered my stove has both a griddle and a grill but both need to be seasoned. Tonight I am tossing stuff from my cupboards into a few boxes to take over tomorrow and the movers are coming back to get the bed and couches and all the heavy stuff from TY's office.  Tomorrow I push the broom and try for some semblance of order AND make some pie crust for the refrigerator.  

Home Sweet Home

(the porta-potty has been moved now to the driveway, so attractive- but it WILL be picked up tomorrow. The dumpster behind it I am finding very handy so I hope I have that a few more days because it seems that we are generating unimaginable amounts of cardboard boxes.)

Someday soon I will again:
and we will get back to our regularly scheduled program where I trap all of you into my anxiety over sewing!!  Can't wait.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

chant revisal began

 “Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”   Joseph Campbell

Squirrel Offerings

Today I got some art hung way up high-  the guy who helped was on the top rung of his 12 foot ladder to hang 12 disks that TY calls the Manhole Covers. 

View from living room looking through dining room-  see disks above.   They look quite wonderful up there, though they are all actually the same color, they shine down at different shades from Sterling to Pewter to flat gray.  Tomorrow the art guy comes with the two paintings we bought a bit ago and he will hang them. Things are coming together.  
View on other direction from dining room out through living room to yard. The yard is completely landscaped except one side that needs a bit more turf. And the pool might not be operable for a bit- no water.  Maybe next week he sez.
The courtyard with my new Traveler's Palm still wearing it's garbage bag.  What it does is to make a giant fan all coming out from one central point.  In a few years it will be spectacular.

Tomorrow the wallpaper guy returns to finish up.  The guy comes to push my stove back into it's cubby now that the gas is working, and I forgot-  somebody else is on their way too.  Still waiting for the CO and can't live there but my boxes are all packed with pantry items ready to install.  Pies ready to make-  you get the drill.  

I am getting so tired of this project-  you know how tired YOU are, make that 10X for me.  Today I left early, 4 PM to come home and take a shower and boy did that feel good!  But I felt guilty and jumped out to start packing boxes again.  Don't know where this stuff will go. 

For his daily project in 2015, artist Cristian Marianciuc decided to make himself a flock of birds. A flock made out of paper, that is.
The origami enthusiast has been making one unique origami crane design every day for 365 days. According to Marianciuc, the cranes serve as a sort of diary for him, each one reflecting his daily experiences through their shapes and colours.
As of writing, he’s on his 308th crane and has already made designs (such as a moustached crane) you’d never think of seeing in origami. Head on over here to keep updated on this amazing project.

 Dutch multidisciplinary designer Jetty van Wezel uses simple origami folding techniques to create beautiful shirts from newspaper pages printed with iconic images from news headlines around the world.  Van Wezel's "Newshirt" art project is a statement against the disposable, throwaway culture of today's media landscape. "A hasty thing like flipping through the pages of a newspaper is transformed into an urgent moment of concentration." she explains, "The viewer is challenged to see the beauty of common things and and to reinterpret everyday images."

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

arenaceous annoyance rubin

Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable. 

Worked again all day, my back aches, my shins ache, my nails are all split and broken, and still we are in a mess.  The good part is that the landscaping is proceeding and I think almost done.  Our wall surrounding the yard is all stucco, the grill is in, all systems 'go' and we are waiting for the pool finish.  We had a guy come help assemble stuff yesterday and another one today, big helps hanging giant pictures and assembling heavy furniture I can't even lift myself.  

I ordered a stainless steel work table from a restaurant supply house  and it arrived a few days ago.  It sat unopened in my kitchen until Steve came to help me get it standing.  I ordered a 30x72" table to be 36" high-  that's regular counter height.  We got it all assembled upside down-  sticking legs into flanges on the bottom of the surface, putting bottom shelf on legs, putting big casters on legs, flipping it right side up and we discovered one edge had been completely bent in, and the lip along the bottom edge of the top was also bent down.  And it seemed somehow 'wrong' so I got out the tape measure and the damn thing measures 39" tall, absolutely NOT regulation counter height.  So I need two things-  I need legs that have been cut to the proper height to give me a 36" table, NOT a 36" leg, and I need a new top because this one is clearly damaged beyond any repair I can do.

I contacted the company and BECAUSE THE ORIGINAL PACKING WAS TOSSED OUT I cannot return the table, plus I was told that the legs are OK even though they are not what I ordered.  Seems Steve, my helper go-to handyman is a neatnik and he picked up all the boxes and cardboard on his way out the door.  Gone.  The company offered me a $60 credit to buy something else from them.  That's it. A $500 table that isn't right, and they want me to buy more!  TY and I are talking this over about what to do.  I am SO pissed.  IT looks...and hell.  Makes my pretty kitchen look like a junk store.

I need to change the subject.

Octopus Typewriter by Courtney Brown:
As part of the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art’s annual California Sculpture SLAM, Oakland artist Courtney Brown unveiled this unweildly typing device titled “Self Organization,” that went on to win first place. Brown used a 1938 Underwood typewriter affixed with sculpted bronze tentacles. We can’t wait to read its first book.

As a child, Danish artist Steffen Dam loved poring over his grandparents’ collection of scientific books and cabinets of insects. This fascination of how we catalogue and understand the natural world followed through to his artistic glass career, where Dam creates highly detailed “Cabinets of Curiosities” that mimic oceanic specimens suspended in glass jars and plates. The pieces are usually displayed inside light boxes to better illuminate every minute detail from the fragile tentacles of a jellyfish to a flourish of bubbles that seem to dance around many of his specimens.

Reminiscent of the knitted brain cap the other day, here's a brain Bathing Cap

Sunday, November 15, 2015

so barberry civic

  “How you do one thing is how you do everything.” (Author unknown)

Just got home after working for over 8 hours climbing ladders, hauling boxes, bending and stooping and lifting and reaching.  My poor old body aches from hair to toenails (blue today).  The more boxes I open the more I realize I am desperate to get rid of stuff-  when it converges from 3 sources and you end up with an entire drawer full of unburned candles in all sizes and shapes, you know there's trouble.  The guys who packed apparently weren't discerning with the books they threw in-  first thing I must do is take a load to Goodwill-  I don't have shelves any more-  we dragged a big chef into the bathroom where we are storing all the coffee table books, huge heavy things we can't quite bear to let go so we will have something look at while we're wasting time on a toilet.  Not to be crude...

I started hanging some pictures that had obvious homes, but I'm still walking around with try-outs from room to room.  Whatever doesn't get hug is out, no exceptions.  My cool kitchen shelves that I was so happy with are now cluttered and messy as I keep unwrapping more stuff and setting in niches.  I bought some E6000 and have been fixing things as I go along, making MORE stuff to add.   I really need to just get things out of boxes, stuffed into a nook or a  cranny and then go through it all AFTER the family leaves.  TY today ordered a cooked turkey for me so that's off the plan.  I will have plenty do do and it's nice not to have to worry about a giant bird under the circumstances.  

We have a guy coming to help with some assembly projects tomorrow-  the movers didn't put my bed together correctly. TY needs a big ole CD rack put together, and my stainless steel table arrived and I cannot lift it myself to add the casters.  That should send him screaming down the street, but it will sure help.  Then we still have to move the furniture from our current place to the new place-  fortunately not too much 'chowder' left any more-  bare minimum just so we could live here until the CO comes through.  If we move the bed I don't know what we will do-  maybe a fancy hotel.  Dream on, Sandy.  

Me in my new kitchen mess.

And enough of that, my sad sob story.  How's 'bout some ahhht?

With the winter months fast approaching, the balaclava is a key piece of kit to keep your face warm, or to rob a bank. 22-year-old Russian tattoo model Teya Salat may not be a thief, but her stylish, animal-themed balaclavas have stolen our hearts and opened our wallets!

In case you've been wondering what Lisa Lou has been up to, here ya go-

It took a village — over 500 people beading, sorting, and arranging under Liza Lou’s watchful eyes and plan — to install “Color Field,” Lou’s new 1,100-square-foot work, on view at the Neuberger Museum of Art in Purchase, New York, from November 8, 2015, through February 21, 2016. This monumental shimmering work is comprised of thousands of blades of grass (small stainless steel wires), arranged in brilliant squares of 30 colors (over 2 million tiny glass beads strung on the wires). The installation took four years; a team of 30 Zulu women artisans in Durban, South Africa; and 500 museum volunteers to assemble.
Although its name seems to pay homage to the original Abstract Expressionist and Color Field painters of the 1950s and ’60s such as Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler, Liza Lou, a MacArthur Fellow, emphasized that the title is meant to be read as more open-ended. “I titled the work Color Field for the obvious associations to both an art movement and the fact that it is indeed a physical field of color. However, I think of the work as a meditation on process as harvest and growth, as well as color as subject matter.”

Sunday night, Spaghetti night and Patriots game.  Don't think I'll last.