Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanks, or not, Giving, or not

Four Turkeys,  65" x 64"
vintage fabrics, repurposed household items, rusted linen and cotton

Sandy's Thanksgiving holiday memories, not many good ones, but a cheery veneer.  I always felt holidays were fraught with disaster:  see bottom panel.  This most likely if the root of my overdoing holidays at my own house and still feeling empty and unfulfilled after.  OK, Therapy R Us here.  Now that I don't have to do the big family deal anymore I am so happy to just plain not do ANYTHING and enjoy a day off to hang out.  Of course this isn't how I *should* feel so I make my stuffing and go to whoever is doing it this year and smile, then retreat to the kitchen to do dishes.  I'm a silent butler, but still on edge waiting for that next shoe to drop. 

Note to self,  rip this thing off the wall and remove the border!  Note from self:  OK.

PS-  you should have seen what I did at Christmas!  Let's just say that I always exited the festivities and ended up lying on the wood floor with back spasms in private.  But that's a whole other overachievers quilt, isn't it?  As soon as I figure out how to add the Chipmunk Christmas album mp3 and a few strings of little LED lights to a quilt I'll start working.  My last quilt with Christmas tree lights doesn't light up anymore, but it's seen 20+ years of passive aggressive protest.  I need some new technology.

close enough

Hard to decide who to root for in this fight since I am also a raven fan, but you gotta admit the squirrel is a loyal little guy and seems to get the final say.  

To not appear the total holiday asshole, I do a few charity things now, throw some money around and put in a bit of effort and it really helps get past this attitude.  I just didn't want to leave you thinking I wallow too deeply anymore, basically I just avoid and it works well.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

cyclist burlesque blindfold

“I’m really white trash.”   George Clooney, b. 6 May 1961

Well, as predicted, whenever I come north, I am followed by a snowstorm.  Today was supposed to be perhaps 2" at the most, we had that as soon as it changed from rain-  the car had to mush home through falling snowballs. Ick Ick Ick, and me with no mittens and a scarf forgotten at my SIL's.  Anyway, I told *me* so...
These people ALL can't be headed for grandma's house, can they?

Ah well, so it goes.
 So let's get to the art today we missed yesterday!  Today's theme is crazy little people' but you'll figure that out yourself!

 Brendan Huntley‘s ceramics. Born in 1982, Huntley lives and works in Melbourne and is represented by Tolarno Galleries. You can see more of the artist’s work on his website.

Enter the fascinating world of Max Lehman, who presents his sculptural portfolio. Be sure to visit his website for more information about this artist and his work.

From crazy little characters to ...crazy little characters!  These have all gathered together to give thanks for a big family!  And nuts.

ibis arrhenius sash

my little passive aggressive way of telling it to snow, tempting the fates to ignore me!

"The painting is not on a surface, but on a plane which is imagined," said Philip Guston. "It moves in a mind. It is not there physically at all. It is an illusion, a piece of magic, so that what you see is not what you see."

Today is the empty refrigerator day, the dogs-to-kennel day, the finishing up and cleaning up in the studio, the packing last minute throw-ins, the mail stopping, and filling the electronics bag.  On my way out now to drive by the cement pad and see if anybody is there, then to the studio.  My mind is cluttered, know I'm forgetting a few things.

UPDATE:  Arrived in Boston to find out that there WILL BE snow, starting with rain today, Wednesday, and dumping a couple of inches through tonight.  Guess I'll drag out the old consignment shop metallic bronze boots, never worn by their previous owner and a bargain at half the price.  

We slept in past the alarm clock so when I happened to glance at the clock it was exactly when we had decided we would leave for the airport- you've never seen such a scramble to get out but we were dressed and in the car within about 8 minutes and made it to TSA where they let me go through now like a human being without the strip search, thanks to the JetBlue App- plenty of time to grab a coffee thanks to the Starbucks App.  

 As soon as we got home I hiked over to Whole Foods to buy the stuff I needed for my contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner-  I nearly had to abandon the project-  police directing traffic into and out of the parking lot, things all over the store that I needed were not on the shelves where they should be but instead in displays that you could walk right by while looking for the right shelf!  Had to corner a guy who made the mistake of asking me what I was looking for and he directed me to the final few things and I was out of there.  
What am I making you ask? STUFFING.  Yeah, that's all but I have nothing to work with in the cupboards so have to reinvent the wheel.  Lordy, I even BOUGHT cornbread for the sausage stuffing, and got the mild sausage rather than my preferred chorica.  Then I also got stuff got the vegan version with sourdough bread and lots of mushrooms.  I spent the afternoon sauteing away and it's all ready to assemble tonight to transport.  Oh, we are also supplying the turkey but TY farmed out that project-  he LOVES turkey and was afraid our vegetarian DIL and our too-adventurous son might mess it up so instead ordered a cooked version we can pick up right out of the oven and let it 'rest' in the car ride over to their apartment.

We had been invited to my SIL's for dinner last night and my head nearly fell into my plate a couple of times, couldn't wait to get home to take an aspirin to fix the headache from giving away my coffee that morning to TY!  We fell into bed at 8 PM, exhausted.  Today we see more family for a few hours, hope the snow isn't too bad to schlepp up there.  I keep reminding myself I do have those boots...

This BBC video is a wonderful story about how hermit crabs change their shells as they outgrow them-  it's quite funny the way they line up to take over the next bigger house as it's abandoned and they all move up a step.  JUST LIKE ME-  I am in line to abandon the current house I've outgrown and have to grab the next bigger size to cram myself into!  OK, so it's a parable! You'll like it, and I'm sure you have nothing else to do today, eh?

I found some COPPER bar stools that I loved in this mornings web check-in for stuff-  but then there was this little YouTube video about assembling them and I hate the legs so I won't be ordering them,  BUT here they are being assembled by Mr. SQUIRREL, something a bit different.  He sure is efficient-  wish I had one in residence.  If you get tired of Mr. Squirrel after he takes off his paws, stay tuned to the end as he reports an accident...

OMG, I forgot the ART!  Come back tomorrow and I'll do a double dog dose.   Now, get back to cooking those chestnuts and shucking those oysters.  

Sunday, November 23, 2014

pipes spate rebellious

“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”
~ Otto von Bismarck, b. 1 April 1815

Today I had to go to the mall so I could be overdressed (see above) on Thanksgiving-  I bought a new sweatshirt at great expense and hope the sleeves stay rolled up while I have kitchen duty.  Then tonight I washed my black jeans and packed my little bag-  don't need much for three days.  I also packed the dog's bag for boarding and that probably took a bit longer.  I wouldn't even need a bag except I found a couple of games and things to do with the two bigger kids, 4 and 6, to keep them out of everybody else's hair for a bit.  Anyway, that took half the suitcase.  

But the exciting thing going on here is that our cement is poured.  I visited it yesterday, took some pictures, then had to go to Radio Shack to find a cord to transfer the pictures to the computer-  who knows what happened to this one, I have about two others that don't fir this camera.  And I know that I'll find it now that I have a new one.  
My new garage

The great room

The kitchen and lanai

And the bedroom with bathroom behind it.  Don't just die of envy.  Bring your skateboard over and try it out. Or inline skates.  I don't know what happens next, but you can bet I'll be on the lot waiting for my guys to appear and tell me.  No, I didn't put my handprints in it, I got there too late, but something scurried across and is probably lamenting it's 'cement shoes' under some bush nearby.  Maybe a squirrel, but I hope not.  Maybe a rat, and I hope so!

Just one arty thing today, I'm in a time crunch tonight.

 Nasa Funahara, an undergrad from the Musashino Art University in Japan, owns a collection of 450 rolls of masking tape in every color and pattern available. I’m guessing that for want of storage space, she began using some of them to replicate famous paintings like Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. more
How she does it freehand with masking tape is already mind boggling, not to mention that each piece is about the size of a tatami mat which takes an entire laborious week to complete.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

wetly cashes philosophy

Growth as an [artist] and as a human being are synonymous. (Stella Adler)

Holy moly, I just got to the studio and drove by one of the open areas between the buildings and THERE WAS A FLORIDA PANTHER in mid-leap.  And a big white truck right behind him.  He was frozen in that leap so I zipped to my own building and ran back to see what in hell was happening.  Turns out there was a young couple moving her dad's taxidermy collection to storage, and what a collection it was-  all from his African safaris and she had accompanied him on a few.  She started pointing out some and knew where each came from and what it was.  There were perhaps 30 heads already in the storage unit and the full sized whole animals were coming out next.  I did wait for the bison head to be taken off just 'because', but this was extraordinary to see.

Except that she said her dad was older now, he was 72, and downsizing his house because of his age.   Oy.  Her husband wants to move all of them to their house but she kinda rolled her eyes at me and said it isn't going to happen.  Oh, and it wasn't a Florida panther, some other kind of mountain lion I missed-  but taller than I am.  And that's my news of the day.  Who says living in an industrial park is boring.

I worked on the blasted ATCs and got a few more fused up and ready to go, shoot me in the head if I ever say I'll do this again-  I have too much else I WANT to be working on.   They will probably reprimand me for no stitching'.  I'll let you know.

Here's the show where I got the second prize in painting.  I will go visit it Monday to see what in the world else they call painting!  But hey, I'm not going to argue, a prize is a prize is a prize and if it's a Painter they want, I'll BE the painter!

All this Buffalo news now about their incredible snow storm has me thinking about my childhood.  Back then we lived across the street from a Girl Scout camp which was empty except for a few weeks in the summer.  I admit it was somewhat of a neighborhood hang out-  in the spring there was a huge field of tiny wild strawberries and there would be five or six of us lying on our bellies grabbing every little red morsel in reach.  The lake was also there, the other side of the town swimming and park, so it was private and had a couple of docks where we could canoe to or swim off, naturally without our parents having a clue where we were.  

The lake wasn't very deep so it would freeze early in the season and we would ice skate in the cove.  It was never my 'sport' because my hands and feet would swell up to twice their size as soon as I got cold, sometimes unable to get the damn skates off so I would have to walk home crying with pain.  The solution was for my dad to flood the back yard, and I remember thinking that was the coolest thing-  and yesterday I found a how-to to do it but I swear it was in my yard!
He set boards in a rectangle  over the lawn, then laid poly over the whole thing.  he worked at a seed company and had a huge roll of it as I remember.  All that was staked down and somewhat leveled, and the hose was pulled out to fill it.  It took forever, but that night was cold enough to freeze it solid, so the next morning we were out there going full speed for about 20 feet before crashing into the boards.  Forced me to learn how to turn, but a season of this was enough to end my future plans to be a headliner in the ice capades.  Every day after school we would skate, crash into each other, and end up in a fight until my fingers were too painful to do anything but go inside.  Doctor told me I had an allergic reaction to the cold and the Rx was to STAY INSIDE.  Sigh.  

I still hate the cold, can't get warm, and have the amazing experience of never missing a nor'easter when I go to Boston to see the kids.  Without fail.  And I'm leaving Monday.

Kind of a Seascape today-

 New York-based artist Mary O’Malley (previously) continues her fantastic amalgamations of porcelain dishware encrusted with ocean life titled Bottom Feeders. Like any object resting on the ocean floor, her sculptures have become increasingly swarmed by flora and fauna over the years, with some of her most recent pieces appearing wholly consumed by coral, seaweed, crustaceans, and tentacles. O’Malley creates everything you see by hand, the teapots and other dishes are thrown and hand-built porcelain, to which she adds sculpted wildlife coated with red iron oxide

CATHERINE MCEVER   My early experiments with stitching seaweed began over a year ago (see Seaweed Experiment: Stitching Seaweed) and addressed a very basic question: Can you stitch seaweed? Continuing the process has depended on securing seaweed from the beaches of Monterey Bay, which has required learning about seaweed season, tides, and transport and storage issues. This round of experiments involved a steep learning curve; some things worked, some things didn't. This post offers a look at the first of two seaweed creations I'd like to share.Stuff You Can't Have: seaweed

This is ALMOST a squirrel, a license plate Teddy sent me the other day-  read it..get it?  
Love it!