Friday, February 27, 2015

install bequeath albacore

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” 

And today's big question-of-the-day is how tall my table is I'm going to use in the vanity.  There will be twenty more questions just like that, most that I don't give a fig about answering, but nobody wants to do anything without my OK.  Such power when all I want is a bit more room to store Christmas decorations!  And put my car in a garage.  And have a kitchen nobody is allowed in to be in my way.  And a bigger refrigerator, and another bathroom.  I've got all these things knocked now, just need some walls and fewer questions on what *I* want!

Oy.  Just got another question about how many CFUs I want in the blower in my range vent.  As if...

We have a few days off while Mister spreads his cheer around the state so I am getting the dishwasher unloaded and glass tables wiped down.  He will be back soon, so I won't do the Big Deal hose-off until he leaves but I'll tell ya, he is the most entertaining thing we've got here, and we have all the channels...

STOP THE PRESSES-  next call-  and this is noteworthy:  I had ordered a microwave to be built into the island and questioned whether the door could come down from the top rather than open like, well, like a door.  No problem he sez, until today when I got the new list of appliances I selected and the door-opens to the bottom will cost me FOUR TIMES the price of the one I had picked.  Yup, the door-opening-down feature costs $1999.  So I will suffer along with the door opening sideways.  They think I was brought in on the turnip truck.  

Tonight I was washing one towel and a few tiny clothes and the water started running all over the floor.  Don't know what's wrong, washing machine is on the fritz, can't come until next Wednesday evening.  What does one so with the soaking stuff and the wallpaper that has held a bulging supply of dirty water in a pouch? 

Things aren't going my way.

Cleaning the files out since I can't yet clean the house-  and I found a bunch of ridiculous knitted things for your amusement:

gigantic ceiling knitting

knitted pigeon and potato chip bag

hearty breakfast

UNhearty guy

leaky teacup

finger hat

tree clothes

And, the periodic table 

Which brings me to a knitted squirrel,a jaunty little guy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

gopher statue exacerbate

"It takes time to learn how to be really happy." (J. S. Sargent)

Been AWOL lately chasing Mister around-  we've been having such fun watching his funny expressions and 'comments' on things- no he isn't actually talking but he is signing and the observations he's making are amazing with the way he connects ideas with objects.  Yesterday we went to the playground and he isn't quite ready for that except for the baby swings but he had a ball digging up the mulch and handing it to me one piece at a time.  
(No, I am not going to bronze it for the mantle!)  We found out he is scared of grass-  I guess the Boston winter has removed grass from his memory!  Good thing we were able to bring him back!  Today it's supposed to rain and be cloudy so the plans are up in the air so far, but I'm sure he will find something to mess around with!  But, on the other hand, we absolutely cannot show the house while he's here!  I can't keep up with the dishes, the piles of toys, the dogs with their noses out of joint from being displaced as my pals...  TY thinks it's fine to pick up the worst and go ahead to show the place but all the baby stuff, though adorable, makes it look so much smaller and dirtier and so cluttered.  (Because it IS!) I want to wait until everybody is gone and I can hose it all down.  

Found a new show to apply to that is about contemporary art in Massachusetts so I think I will haul out the encaustics and give them a shot and stretch my residence time a bit.  I Have only shown two tiny ones down here in Florida which got lots of attention but no sales (same show where my small quilt won a prize as a 'painting'!) Who am I to argue...

The house build seems to have hit a standstill while the wiring goes in. I haven't been able to spend my hours a day accumulating ideas for the different spaces this week, so maybe a whole new plan will emerge while the original plans moulder a while gathering  either strength or weakness!  We are still facing getting the Newton place on the market and have to get up there to clean it out and 'stage' it a bit.  That's going to be a huge chore.  I think I am looking at many more months of not doing any work and it's making me very cranky.

I really haven't even been able to mine the inter webs for cool stuff lately so my pile of things to post is getting slim.  Today's offerings are lacking cohesive theme except for being animal depictions but maybe that will return in the future.  Who knows.  First we go to the Netherlands-

Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life in a way that is both fair to the animal that gave its coat as well as to the former wearer. It’s a tribute to animals and emotional value.  Refurbeasts on Etsy  Lisa Louwers  Eindhoven, Netherlands  makes her animals to depict the kind of fur she uses-  for instance a rabbit fur coat becomes a rabbit!  Fur coats used to be the height of fashion and a symbol of wealth and luxury. These days we know better and wearing fur is not done. Hundreds of thousands of passed on coats now remain tucked away in attics and closets. But that doesn’t do the animal or former wearer any justice. That’s where the idea for Refurbeasts came from. Refurbeasts brings old fur coats back to life and turns them in to the animal it used to be.

Russian artist Igor Verniy makes these gorgeous sculptures of animals with scrap metal. Vemiy transforms car, bicycle and clock parts, tableware and any other scraps he can find into these intricate designs with a decidedly steampunk look. The animal sculptures are equipped with moving parts that simulate their species' movements in real life. 

And even less of 'real life'-  the required squirrel:
Yup, this is exactly what I feel like lately, except my couch is better looking!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

taylor dolly brownie

 "Ideas are developed in accordance with style."  anonymous Chinese painter 

Today I've been showing people through the house, just curious neighbors and some old friends but I keep hoping somebody will throw out some ideas for some 'problem' areas.  Yesterday TY and I were out and about and stopped at a cement sculpture and glazed garden pot place where we found some doable fountains for the first little entry room-  tall and narrow with just bubbling water coming up and spilling over the top edge-  simple.  I pretty much liked it but TY had some issues with the saucer underneath being too big.  Sigh.  On to the next idea.

In other WAY-too-much-time-spent-on-things, the chandelier I fell in love with is unfortunately a rectangle and only half as biog as I want it to be.  I will NOT buy two on principle, but TY doesn't like it, I'm happy to settle, and so it goes with the meeting of the minds.  Nobody said it would be easy.   Then, yesterday we went to order the final lights for the place only to have a salesperson in training who was less help than a rabbit.  She brought up all sots of issues that WE have to now deal with on Monday but I have gotten three texts from her restating what *I* have to straighten out rather than her simply calling our contractor.  She told me four times (FOUR!) that she is a breast cancer survivor.  Of course I expressed my sympathy but it got tired quickly, like this is an excuse for being an ass.  

But on top other things!  When I was home the kids gave me a great teeshirt, long sleeved and beefy-  just the way I like 'em.
However it was 2 sizes too small and there weren't others for replacement.
SO, I cut off the sleeves and back and stuck the front in a frame I had lying around with a bad collage inside.

Sew?  Yeah, like Sew What!  Love this.  Will hang it as soon as I am ALLOWED to spend time in the studio again, maybe September!  I certainly am getting itchy to be there but it seems all I do is deliver stuff to store there until it has a place the house.

I have a great artist to talk about today, 
 Lisa Anne Auerbach likes to make statements, which are most often knitted. She is best known for her sweater-and-skirt works that feature clever, assertive slogans offering commentary and critique on issues that are important to her, whether political or personal. After receiving an M.F.A. in photography from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, Calif., she no longer had access to the school’s darkroom and taught herself to knit instead. “Knitting was a way I could continue to make art,” she says. “It’s portable and I can do it anywhere. Now that I’m teaching photography at Pomona College, I knit on the train during my commute, and it’s a great way to pass the time in faculty meetings.” 

Cycling LA
There were several articles about her online, but not much newer than 2011 so I don't know what has happened to her work-  possibly she is just too busy to update her website with all her gallery and commission work.  

I should talk, can't remember when I last added anything to my website.  If you don't see it here it doesn't exist but this seems to be the last resting place of all my images.  Must get at it...some day...  Thanks for checking in here once in awhile, I really do intend to get back to frequent posting in spite of the fact that blogs are pretty passe any more.  Just don't have much extra time lately, hopefully soon!


Friday, February 20, 2015

prosaic sherry crease

I've looked at life from both sides now,
From win and lose and still somehow
It's life's illusions I recall
I really don't know life at all.     Joni Mitchell

Back in Florida but you wouldn't know it.  Today it's in the high 30's, yes, an improvement from Boston, but geesh...  I'm running out of sweaters, have two on at a time!  Hope this passes quickly because the guest room will be filling up on Tuesday with a munchkin and his mom.  And we ALL need it to be warm weather for them.

Since I got back I have done nothing but work on the new house-  things need signatures, things need samples, things need attention-  today I am headed for the lighting store and dropping the dogs at the groomers on the way-  but it's NOT 'on the way', it's in opposite directions and about an hour between them.  First I stop at the studio to print out the order-  I can't wait to have a printer at home-  might be worth the cost of the house actually.  Then I have to deal with the appliance guy again because it seems he left off a dishwasher from his order.  Really?  As if I don't need a couple of them!  Also there is a problem with a microwave that doesn't appear.  Then I race home to tend to the usual crapola and wait for the dogs to be finished.  Yesterday it was bocce (we lost both games) and cabinetry-  it went well but took for ever to get all the pages signed and dated- and get to the tile lady for those samples.

In the same office park where my studio is located is an art dealer that TY went into while I was getting tiles-  he was drawn to a 10' male torso out in front that looked like it was wrapped in steel fabric.  But inside was a whole warehouse of art, mostly paintings by artists from other countries that I pretty Much hated until I was leaving and saw an oil that pretty much blew me out of the water.  I practically had to peel myself off of it, huge thing, maybe 65" square of an acrobat.  I have no affinity for acrobats, I certainly don't like where it was done, but OMG, I wanted this thing so badly-  ONLY $14,000.  So I am wiping it from my head today.  Unless of course one of you want to buy ten quilts, your choice of whatever.  Not interested?  I don't blame you.  Sigh.  I think I might be able to get the dealer down to only needing to sell 9 quilts if I break down crying.

And that is pretty much how this house project is going-  I find things I love, I check the price and can't do it, then start looking for substitutes, which of course don't exist or are poor imitations.  I am a rich woman in so many ways, just wish it was money too sometimes, greedy thing that I am.  

Opened up my mail a bit ago and this amazing crocheted portrait came up from a Boston artist friend:
(enlarge it any way you can to see the stitched details!)

It was published in the Smithsonian in an article about innovation, showcasing Janet   Echelman for their American Ingenuity Awards in the November 2014 issue.  Of course you must all know her amazing work with billowing nets and fibers she hangs over urban sites on a grand scale like these:

But as much as I love Janet's work, I was curious as to who the Smithsonian had commissioned for this portrait work and came up with Jo Hamilton, a young artist born i Scotland but residing in Portland OR.

Masks: Yoghurt, Turmeric, Fragments, Mixed crocheted yarn, 42 x 28 inches, 2014

a commission of a beloved pet,

And the portrait of her adopted home, 'I Crochet Portland'!  How cool is that?
Jo Hamilton’s crocheted portraiture is a fascinating combination of traditional technique with contemporary subject matter.  A native of Scotland, Hamilton earned a degree in painting and drawing from the Glasgow School of Art. After moving to Portland, she translated her artistic vision into the medium of crochet, which she had first learned as a child from her grandmother.  Her subjects range broadly, with an enduring interest in portraiture, ranging from people she knows, to commission subjects, mugshot images, larger than life nudes, and recently, 3-dimensional mannequin-like whimsically masked heads. Each piece is compelling and poignant, informed by the vivid color and complex detail of her process and the rich tradition and contemporary approach to the crochet technique that informs them.

And this guy pales by comparison!

PS- back from the trenches doing my jobs today and fortunately being asked to partake in NATIONAL MARGARITA DAY just before I fell over from frustrations.  Had some Huevos too and the Margarita kept me going long enough to pick up the fluffy dogs from the groomer, who are busily chewing off their pretty tails and furry legs right here at my feet as they prefer to look like Dingos.  Today I wasn't able to get the chandelier my heart was set on for the living room-  I knew it was too good to be true at 64" across!  And the appliance guy is arguing with the cabinet guy over my microwave, and as I was leaving the house this morning the agent called to show the house at noon so I came back in and did the preparations for that.  So frustrating, one thing after another.  And I am cold and haven't slept well since I got back Tuesday night-probabky because the Canine Companions decided it was poop time at 4 AM and it was 35 degrees out there!

But hey, at least there wasn't any snow.

I am grinding my teeth to get back in the studio.  Grrrr.

Monday, February 16, 2015

carbonyl managerial martinez

"Argue for your limitations and, sure enough, they're yours,"  Richard Bach

Yes, I am still in Boston with another storm under my belt.  Today was glorious and sunny and since it was a holiday there wasn't much traffic but that might have been because it was a whopping THIRTEEN degrees.  And let me tell ya, there isn't enough sunshine on earth to counteract thirteen degrees.  Huge dump trucks were out at every intersection filling up with snow (Auto-Correct said it was 'snot') to haul it off.  Still  o subways working, so there are busses along the line stopping and starting and holding up traffic.  We did do a bit of slopping through snowbanks to visit our favorite shop and grab a lunch.

Then, tonight I visited Mister's family again to see my son after his ski trip, and enjoy the little guy squishing his peas.  Parking was a bitch and I had to drive into a snow bank to get out of the one lane road, got rattled and dropped the glass vase of flowers into the street where it smashed into tiny glass shards and the flowers went scattering under the car, over the road, everywhere!  What a mess to have to deal with when it's soon cold.  Then I had to walk an extra block because there wasn't a cut through the snowbank to the sidewalk.  I never want to leave Florida again.  Ever.

So let's talk a little bit about arty stuff.  

Here's a continuation of the Japanese tee shirts I showed you yesterday.  Like Gerry noted, I wish I had translations for all the Japanese words we see on our tee shirts!  Or worse, tattoos!

Gather 150 street artists from 30 different countries, set them free in a village to let their creative juices flow and what do you get? In the case of the village of Erriadh on the Tunisian island of Djerba, also known as the Island of Dreams, any exterior surface was considered prime target for a mural inspired by the village’s rich heritage. The vibrant street art project, called Djerbahood, was curated by artist Mehdi Ben Cheikh and the Galerie Itinerrance this summer.

Yes.  Be careful out there!